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Meaning Of Life

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meaning of life, purpose of life, the secret

I have spent years pondering the meaning of life and purpose of life.

Now that I’ve found it, I want to share it with you because it changed my life for the better and will change your life for the better too.

I believe that we are here for a reason.

I say this because everything happens for a reason.

If there was no reason then it wouldn’t happen and we wouldn’t be here.

I believe that when our life has no meaning or purpose that’s when we get sick and die early.

Don’t believe me?

Well just look at the statistics of the people who died within 18 months of retiring because they lost their identity, their meaning and purpose.

That’s why I don’t plan on retiring.

When you do work you love and that matters there’s no reason to retire.

I believe that we are here to GIVE, to add value and contribute because when we do, we feel good.

That’s the way we’ve been designed. There’s no escape.

Now before we can give we need to DEVELOP ourselves.

If we don’t then our contribution would be too small to make a difference.

And before we can develop ourselves we need to FIND what to develop.

We need to find our gift, passion and purpose.

Therefore to change our life and be truly happy we need to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. FIND our gift, passion and purpose
  2. DEVELOP it and
  3. GIVE it to the world

My mission is to help you do this.

To help you find your gift, passion and purpose so you can start doing work that matters and as a result feel fulfilled, healthy and live longer. That’s it!

This changed my life and will yours too.

Yes I want to help you create an identity for yourself that explains clearly what value you add to society, what transformation you make in other people’s lives.

So tell me, what is your mission?

What are you passionate about?

Let me know in the comments below.

If you need help finding your gift, passion and purpose then download my FREE book by clicking on the link below.

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find your passion, meaning of life, the secret

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  • Angela G. Gentile

    Love this! Find, develop, give. Thanks Martin. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  • Thanks Angela. I appreciate your feedback and support.