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Who Am I?

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Today I will help you answer that question in your head “Who am I?

You are a gift to the world and you were born to achieve.

Imagine that you were in a race with 400 million others.

Guess who wins the race?

You do.

The fact is, you have already won the race simply because you were born.

You were racing against 400 million other sperm.

I assume you know what sperm is.

You know that you started off life as a little tadpole that came from your father.

You were the strongest, the fastest and the best.

You got to your mother’s egg first and became the person you are today.

How’s that for a start in life!

You were born to achieve.

You have greatness inside of you, a passion, talent, skill or ability of some sort, which, once discovered and developed, will open up a whole new amazing world for you.

If someone tells you otherwise, tell them to go and get F…ar away from you.

What you can contribute no-one else can contribute, because you are unique.

There will never be another you.

The world needs that special something that only you can give.

To create a life you love you need to find your passion (talent, skill or ability), develop it and give it to the world.

If you need help finding your gift, passion and purpose then download my FREE book by clicking on the link below.

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  • Sarah Logan

    I needed to hear this as I’ve had a crappy day and feeling down. Thanks for brightening my day 🙂

  • Mary

    I am a teacher and I think every student needs to hear this. Especially those who have low confidence, low self-esteem or who lack motivation.

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