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How To Be Successful

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People want to know how to be successful.

The first step is to understand what success is.

Success is not a position of wealth, status or power.

Success is simply feeling good about yourself, feeling happy, feeling satisfied with yourself, accepting yourself.

Let’s face it life is a series of feelings or experiences.

So as long as you have more positive experiences than negative experiences then to me you are happy and therefore successful.

There’s no point having millions of dollars, or being the boss or being famous if you are not happy with yourself within.

So you must be happy within to be successful.

There you have it, success is a feeling; it’s not a position of wealth, status or power.

There are a lot of people out there who are famous and rich and yet they need to take medication or drugs to feel good.

So if you can feel good without taking drugs or alcohol then to me you are successful.

That’s the best, the ultimate you can achieve.

So remember that success is a feeling.

So feel good, do things that make you feel good and you are a success.

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Remember giving your gift to the world is the secret to happiness.

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  • Jenny Smithers

    I like it. Makes it possible for all of us to be successful. The way it should be.