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Do You Believe In Karma?

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Do You Believe In Karma?

While I was snorkeling I had a thought.

I was thinking about my flight over from Perth to Singapore.

Now I don’t normally make a donation on a plane.

But this time when they came over asking for a donation for UNICEF I decided well why not.

So I put some money in the envelope.

Anyway, later that day I went to catch the MRT, the underground railway system in Singapore.

I was putting my money in the machine to buy a ticket and for some reason, the machine wasn’t taking my notes and this Singaporean man saw that I was having trouble and came up and put his money in the machine.

When I tried to pay him back he said don’t worry about it, it’s your gift.

I don’t know about you, do you believe in karma?

Well to me that seemed to be a sign of good karma where I did good for other people I don’t know and this person came and did good for me.

So there you have it. Do good for others and you will be repaid by someone else along the way.

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Remember giving your gift to the world is the secret to happiness.

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Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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