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Afraid Of Getting Fired?

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Afraid Of Getting Fired?

For those people who are afraid of getting fired, I wish to share with you a story about Luigi who was fired because he was illiterate.

Luigi was a man who had a job in a church as a sweeper.

One day, the Archbishop came to him and said: “Luigi, I have bad news for you.” Luigi, being naturally concerned, said: “What is the problem?”

The Archbishop said, “I am sorry Luigi but we have to fire you.”

Luigi asked, “Why?”

The Archbishop replied, “Because you are illiterate and you can’t read or write and what the church needs is a sweeper who can both read and write.”

So Luigi packed his bags, collected his $50 pay packet and commenced to walk down the road towards the next town.

After he had walked five miles, he wanted to buy a packet of cigarettes, but could not find a tobacco shop.

He walked another five miles, still no tobacco shop in sight.

Walked a further ten miles and still no tobacco shop in sight.

So Luigi said to himself “If, with my $50 I buy myself a wheelbarrow and stock it up with cigarettes and commence selling cigarettes off the highway, I should make a profit.”

To cut a long story short, within a period of five years Luigi had a chain of sixteen tobacco shops and one day his bank manager phoned and said “Luigi, you have $100,000 in your personal bank account. We believe this amount is too much to carry in your personal bank account, could you please call in at the bank as we wish to advise you how to invest your $100,000 in stocks and bonds.”

Luigi visited the bank the day after and the manager handed him a file and said: “Luigi, please read this and tell me what you think of my recommendation.”

Luigi said to the bank manager “I’m sorry I can’t read.”

The bank manager said “You can’t read?” and Luigi replied, “as a matter of fact I can’t write either.”

The bank manager exclaimed, “Good God, where would you be if you could both read and write?”

Luigi said, “I would be a sweeper in the church!”

Meaning, one door shuts and another ten open.

Hopefully, now you’re not afraid of getting fired.

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  • Ben Monando

    HA HA just goes to show we don’t know what’s around the corner