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Teenage Career Advice

Worried about your teenager’s future?


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Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Most teenagers don’t know what to do with their life.

Teenagers are presented with many career choices.

This only confuses them.

It’s based on an “OUTSIDE in” approach which doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, many end up in a job they hate.

This unhappiness often leads to stress, illness and depression.

Your child deserves to be happy, healthy, fulfilled and successful.

The good news is, there’s another way.

By taking a different approach, one that works from the “INSIDE out”.

One that considers who your child is.

If you judge a fish by how well it climbs a tree then that fish is a failure.

The same applies to your child.

If you push them to become somebody they’re not, then failure is imminent.

In a few cases, this feeling of entrapment ends in suicide.

The truth is, your child is a gift to the world.

They have a passion, talent, skill or ability of some sort, which, once discovered and developed, will open up a whole new, amazing and wonderful world.

What your child can contribute no-one else can contribute, because your child is unique.


So, who am I?

I’m Martin Formato, a professional certified life coach, career coach and parent from Perth, Australia.

I’m passionate about helping teenagers decide what to do with their life.


So, how do I help them?

Through my online course called the Profitable Career Launcher


teenage career

The easy step by step blueprint to choosing a passionate, fulfilling and profitable career (without the stress, confusion or overwhelm).

I created this course because I want every child to know that they can follow their dream, their excitement, their own path and do work they love which makes a difference in the world and earns them a comfortable living.

I don’t want your child (or my child) to be stuck, suffering, in a job they hate.

I want them to jump out of bed every Monday morning, full of excitement about the day ahead because they are living their life with passion and purpose.

I want to help your child find out who they really are and shape them to be the best version of themselves.

Here’s the framework I use that works:

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Your child can independently do my self-paced online course,  simply by clicking here

There’s nothing in this course that will be difficult for your child.

All your child needs to do is listen, answer some questions and do some homework.

One of my objectives is to ensure that your child enjoys the course.

At the end of the course your child will know exactly what to do with their life (which is aligned with who they are).

Knowing this increases their confidence, happiness and chances of success in life.

I look forward to igniting your child’s passion and being a part of their transformation.

Click here to get started.


Alternatively, my live course consists of 4 x 1 hour private coaching sessions with me (with the parent present – optional), from the comfort of your own home (using Skype, WhatsApp or Messenger).

In case you’re wondering, I do have a working with children (WWC) card, which is a legal requirement in Australia for child-related work.

To get started, I invite you and your child to a FREE introductory coaching session. All you need to do is contact me below.

If you have any questions, please contact me below.


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“Hello, I’m Mollie and when I was in year 9, I was asked what I wanted to do with my life. Unfortunately I didn’t know what to say. Everyone else knew but not me. 2 years later and I still didn’t know. Luckily my mum referred me to Martin.

Martin runs a program called “Profitable Career Launcher”. He taught me that the answer is inside of me and by using his tools and strategies he helped me extract it. Now after my sessions with Martin, we’ve come to a conclusion about what my purpose is in life. My passion and purpose is to end animal cruelty. I feel as if now I have a clear path to my passion and know how I can endeavor the tasks to get where I want to be.

Martin really cares about people. He’s open, honest and trustworthy. His gift is helping people decide what to do with their life, and with Martin’s help and guidance I feel relieved and determined to carry out my passion. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Martin’s program to anyone who wants help deciding what to do with their life. So if you are a bit lost or unsure I hope you give Martin a go so you too can find yourself like I did.”

Kind Regards,

Martin Formato
Professional Certified Life Coach and Career Coach

Mobile: 0417 012 274

Email: Martin@DoingWorkThatMatters.com

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